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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Granolite?
    Granolite is a combination of granite crushed to a dust and mixed with cement.
  • What surface finishes are recommended for different areas?
    Non-wet areas including bathrooms other than the actual shower walls & floors: Walls…All finishes Floors….All surface finishes depending on the required location and use. Showers walls and floors: Smoother stones Honed or Polished, Brushed.
  • What colour granite is best?
    When thinking of a headstone the darker the colour the more the inscription lettering will stand out, for example Black granite with gold gilded letters will appear brighter than if it was cut to a light grey granite.
  • Quartz vs Natural Stone
    Natural Stone can be used external, internal. Cladding, bathroom wall and floor, kitchen bench top, fire place, columns, driveway, footpath, staires, shopping centres, commercial and residential projects.
  • There is the difference between the natural stones?
    Granite & Quartz is harder than Marble. And Marble harder than Limestone.
  • What natural stone can be used on kitchen top or vanity top?
    Any Natural stone can be used on kitchen top or any top. Highly recommended Granite or Quartz. Marble it’s ok, but be prefer to be Honed Finish or Leather Finish. (If Polished Marble it could have problem damaging the Polish).
  • How can I protect the Natural Stone if I used?
    You can protect your Natural Stone by applying penetrated sealer or wax depends where you have used the Stone.

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